Dinan Billet Short-Shifter Kit for BMW E90 E92 E82 E88 E60

  • Model: D550-1005
  • Manufactured by: Dinan
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Special Note: Not for xDrive vehicles.

Fitment on the 128i is limited to the 2008-2010 model years (N54 engine).
Dinan's billet short-shifter kits effectively reduce the amount of throw necessary to make gear changes providing a sportier feel. Larger BMW models with larger gear boxes require more leverage to make the gear changes, which is why BMW employs different shift handle configurations for various applications. The Dinan short shifters are application specific as well in order to achieve an appropriate reduction of throw, providing the associated benefits without making the desired gear difficult to locate or require inordinate effort; a common complaint with other manufacturers' short-shift kits where a ''one size fits all'' approach is common. In addition, Dinan's short-shifters retain the nylon pivot ball and shifter bushing, providing the same smooth and quiet operation as the original shifter.

Other manufacturer's shifters employ metal components which tend to be noisier and induce a notchy feel. The short-shifter is also rubber isolated for a solid feel and vibration free operation. Simple to install. Zero maintenance, Dinan's billet short-shifter has a 20% to 25% reduction in throw with a self-lubricating bearing for the ultimate in smooth short shifter technology.


? A precise 20-25% throw reduction
? Counter balanced to reduce effort
? Two piece 416 Stainless Steel & Aluminum Stick assembly
? Two piece stick provides vibration free operation
? Dampened pivot cup with self lubricating pivot ball
? Polymer Iglide T-500 lower pivot bushings


325i & xi E90 Sedan 2006
? 330i & xi E90 Sedan 2006
? 328i & xi E90 Sedan 2007-2011
? 328i & xi E92 Coupe 2007-2013
? 328i E93 Convertible 2007-2013
? 335i & xDrive E90 Sedan 2007-2010
? 335i & xDrive E92 Coupe 2007-2010
? 335i E93 Convertible 2007-2010
? 335is E92 Coupe 2011-2013
? 335is E93 Convertible 2011-2013
? 135i E82 Coupe 2008-2010
? 135i E88 Convertible 2008-2010
? 530i E60 2004-2007
? 545i E60 2004-2005
? 550i E60 2006-2010
? 128i E82 Coupe 2008-2013
? 128i E88 Convertible 2008-2013